A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A small physics 'game' where you shoot meteors at planets to bounce them into a black hole. The planets have gravity wells which interact with both your meteors and one-another.

You've 'won' when you've sunk all the planets into the black hole. Don't let the game's lack of feedback tell you any different! You're awesome!

Made for LD48. Broken and incomplete.

Source code is available. It's made with Godot! :)

Install instructions

Just download the appropriate zip folder, unzip, and run. Mac is untested tho.

And Linux might need a chmod +x.


planetary-billiards-linux.zip (9 MB)
planetary-billiards-windows.zip (5 MB)
planetary-billiards-mac.zip (18 MB)
planetary-billiards-source.zip (192 kB)